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The Breakfast Candle

There’s nothing quite like a candle to add a sense of warmth and occasion to a meal, but  for much of my life, I didn’t think that breakfast — unless it was served in bed on a silver tray — was candle-worthy. Now, of course, I know better. Breakfast is an event that should be … Continue reading

The Last of the Plum Jam

We’ve been beset by a spate of misty mornings in South Jersey. On a work day, except for dicey driving conditions, I usually don’t mind these muted sunrises. My office is windowless so I’m not all that affected by the dearth of sunlight, and when I emerge around noon for lunch, the soupy skies have … Continue reading

Jesuit Cake

Last year around this time, I bought some heirloom cranberries at Whole Foods cultivated at a local New Jersey bog. I came away with two containers of berries, one red, one white. Yes, breakfast fans, I had in my hands white cranberries. If you haven’t seen them, they’re beautiful, speckled scarlet and pink, and harvested … Continue reading